Spray Cards

  • dark grey spray cards

sTEEL Spray cards

Coil-coated Steel Spray Cards for control of color and opacity. Can be used with solvent- and water based paints. 4″ x 6″.

PLASTIC Spray cards

For an accurate color match on plastic bumpers and trim choose a plastic spray out card. The paint preparation for plastic alters the static characteristics of the plastic, therefore the paint lays down differently than it does on metal or paper spray cards. To assure a perfect color match prepare the plastic spray sample card exactly as you prepare the bumper, step by step, including: degreasing, sanding or scuffing, adhesive promoter, primer, and sealer.

color match card

Color Match Card for matching mixed paint to the original paint shade. Disposable paper color match card, kit of 250 pieces incl. holder. Only for solvent based paints.