CTW Spray Cup System

CTW Spray Cup System:

Disposable Paint Cups

The CTW Spray Cup System uses a simple and efficient four-piece paint cup design familiar to many paint professionals. This system is manufactured to CTW’s exacting standards, using only top-self, silicone-free materials. You can trust you are buying the best quality system on the market. 

One Easy System: The CTW CS line of disposable paint gun cups combines all the steps of paint preparation into one easy system. Simply insert the liner into our hard cup to mix and measure, snap the filter lid on the cup, thread the collar on the hard cup, and you are ready to spray. The closed system allows you to spray with the gun at any angle, even upside down.

Easy to Clean and Store: Cleanup is easy: detach from the gun and throw away the lid and liner. Our spill-proof paint cups are perfect to keep paint fresh, just seal the lid with the stopper for later use.

Each component is precisely manufactured to produce the perfect fit between the hard cup, collar, and liner thereby eliminating costly and messy paint leaks.


Durable Collar: The rigid, durable collar assures a secure connection to the hard cup, time after time, without stripping or breaking. 

Reinforced Nozzle: The reinforced nozzle prevents breakage and provides a very secure connection to the paint gun adaptor.

Precise Application: All lids include a full diameter filter which equalizes pressure, allows for consistent paint flow, and prevents spitting. Lids are available for solvent or water-based paints.

Collapsable Liner: Our high-quality plastics produce a very pliable, collapsible liner which maximizes paint use and minimizes waste.

Available in 5 sizes: 90/180/400/650/850ml. Lids are available in 190 micron for solvent based paints and 125 micron for waterborne products.

Each case includes:

  1. 1 Hard Cup
  2. 50 liners
  3. 50 lids
  4. 1 Collar
  5. 20 stoppers


CSA-1 : Adaptor for CTW Spray Cup System. Suitable for Velocity /Italco/Star/IwataW400/Warwick, Suits most other brands fitted with a male gun thread

CSA-2 : Adaptor for CTW Spray Cup System.  Suitable for Devilbiss/Warwick/Velocity VRM ,Suits most other brands fitted with a female gun thread

CSA-3 : Adaptor for CTW Spray Cup System. Suitable for Sata QCC

CSA-4 : Adaptor for CTW Spray Cup System. Suitable for Iwata WS400 (Super Nova)


“We’ve been using the CTW spray cup system for some time now and are very impressed with the overall quality and spray ability with this product. With being able to by them for a fraction of the price it is a huge win for our shop.” 

Kyle – Dent Shop Collision, Nashville, TN