Tape & Masking

ctw permanent attachment tape

CTW Permanent Attachment Tape for attaching letters, emblems, or badges with a clear, thin (8 mil) permanent bond. CTW Ultra Attachment Tape features a highly conformable close cell polyurethane foam backing with acrylic adhesive for high adhesion and resistance to vibration, stress, and weather.

fine line tape blue

Fine Line Tape Blue for multi-color and design painting. Suitable for curves as well as long straight lines. Waterproof and temperature resistant to 300 °F, excellent solvent resistance.

master tape green

Master Tape Green is a professional masking tape for paint shops. Waterproof and temperature resistant up to 230°F.

slim tape

Slim Tape is a high-performance masking tape for problematic materials, such as rubber and plastic parts. Extremely thin, flexible and waterproof. High curve resistance, hardly any paint edges, temperature resistant up to 212 °F.

wr-lifting tape premium

WR-Lifting Tape Premium is a special masking tape for protecting rubber profiles on bonded windshields, and for covering headlamps, rear lights and direction indicators. This masking tape contains a highly resistant, transparent, perforated plastics material strip. Waterproof, temperature resistant up to212°F. It offers two sizes in a band, 9 and 11 mm.


Foam Tape is for professionally sealing gaps and holes. Silicone-free tape, temperature resistant up to 176 °F. The rounded shape ensures a very easy and universal application.