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The CTW Standard exclusively provides high-quality auto-body technical consumables at prices designed to improve the bottom line. This thoroughly selective process makes your job simpler.

We’ll put our money where our mouth is.

We understand that you need to test products to fully understand the quality and reliability it holds. So, we will send you a sample pack on us!


Wizard Works
Masking Tape

Wizard Works Performance Masking Tape delivers a best-in-class masking experience for painters who want the job done right the first time. If you want sharp lines and superior conformability that makes working on bumpers and around fenders a breeze, use Wizard Works.

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CTW Spray
Cup System

The CTW Spray Cup System uses a simple and efficient four-piece design familiar to many paint professionals. This system is manufactured to the CTW Standard, using only top-self, silicone-free materials. You can trust you are buying the best quality system on the market.

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